Lotto Bingo

Lotto Bingo Update:

STFC Supporters Club Lotto

The lotto weekly payments will end on Saturday 20th April 2024, the last day of the current season. If the lottery is not won before that date the prize money will be frozen at £210 and roll over until we have a winner(s).

Any outstanding payments must be paid by 20th April 2024. You can check outstanding payments by following the latest results link below which measures the amount you have paid against the number of weeks the competition has ran.

Any over payments can either be refunded or carried over when the competition restarts next season.

We thank all players for their cooperation and continued support.

If you require any further clarification contact Ernie Hamer on 07886 543952

Rules of Play

1. Select 6 Numbers from 1 to 59.

2. Cost is £1 per week, per line.

3. The winner is the first player to have all their numbers selected from the balls drawn from Saturdays National Lottery Daw.

4. The Bonus Ball is not included.

5. The Prize Pot will grow each week until a player has all 6 numbers drawn.

6. In the event of multiple winners, the prize pot will be shared equally.

7. The order of numbers drawn does not come into play when determining winners.

8. We will accept entries at anytime, however new entries will need to wait until the current draw has been completed before their selection becomes valid.

9. Players will be asked to provide a contact telephone number.

10. Payments need to be made in advance of any given game week. For example if the competition has ran for 5 weeks and a player has only paid for 4 weeks at the time of the draw, then they will not be eligible for a payout.

11. The committee will try to contact players in areas to give them every opportunity to make payment, however it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they are paid up to date.

12. A running progress chart will be displayed on the notice board in the WMC and on the Supporters Club Website so players can keep track of their numbers and if they have any payment arrears

13. Players who remain in arrears after a round has been run, will be contacted to settle there account.

14. Players in arrears at the start of a new competition will be eliminated and refused re-entry until payments are settled.

15. We will accept payments in cash, by credit card, through requested payment link or online via the Supporters Club Mobile App.

16. A member of the committee will be available to take payments on home match days and away days providing a supporters coach is running.

17. 70% of the weekly turnover will be paid into the prize pot. The remaining 30% to the Supporters Club Funds.

18. If at the end of the playing season a competition round has not been won. The Executive Committee will meet to determine how to proceed

Promoter: The Supporters Club Executive Committee 

Moderator: Mr Ernie Hamer 

Created by Gary Campbell
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