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7 Nov 2023

STFC Supporters Club sponsor local Darts & Domino League

STFC Supporters Club further strengthened their community appeal by agreeing to sponsor the Spennymoor & District Darts & Dominos League.

The club provided the funds to purchase the splendid trophy pictured above. The trophy has the Supporters Club name engraved on to it and will be presented to the champions for many years to come.

3 Nov 2023

ASDA donate prizes for Supporters Club Xmas Raffle

Supporters Club treasurer Ernie Hamer receives donated prizes from Asda staff member. 

The prizes will form part of a selection of great prizes to be won in our Xmas Raffle. Tickets are on sale now with the draw taking place on the night of our Christmas Party.🥳 

Moors Handed FA Trophy Home Tie

Spennymoor Town FC will host Mickleover in the second round of the FA Trophy on Saturday 18th November. Mickleover currently sit top of the Southern Premier League Central, a league that includes 3 of the teams relegated from National League North last season. AFC Telford, Leamington and Kettering.

26 Oct 2023

Travelling Fans making all the noise at Scunthorpe

Despite a bitterly disappointing defeat, Our supporters demonstrated once more their commitment and love for the club. 114 away supporters could be heard throughout the game and well after the final whistle. This did not go unnoticed at Scunthorpe as one home supporter posted on Twitter 👇🏻

16 Sep 2023

FA Cup at the WMC

We were delighted to accept the opportunity to display the prestigious FA Cup in the WMC prior to the fixture with Marine FC. Members were quick to grab a one off photo opportunity. Thanks to vice chairman Ian Elloway for organising the event.

16 Sep 2023

More great feedback, this time from visiting Marine Fans…

Thanks to all the Marine Fans who chose to join us on the day 👊🏻

2 Sep 2023

Some welcome feedback from Chester fans…

Thanks to all the Chester Fans who chose to join us this afternoon 👊🏻

18 Aug 2023

Supporters Club Donate to Young Reporters Initiative.

Supporters Club Members approved a donation of £250 to an initiative ran by the group that publish the Spennymoor News. The money will go towards a scheme that encourages young journalists in our area. The Spennymoor News have always been accommodating when we request advertising so we were more than happy to help.

17 Aug 2023

Great Turn Out From Tamworth Fans

We were delighted to welcome a bus load of Tamworth Fans to the WMC prior to the game last Saturday. They were very receptive of our hospitality, excellently behaved, and serenaded us with their Match Day Song, which you can watch below. They are a credit to Tamworth FC and we look forward visiting them later this season.

16 Aug 2023

Club Photographer Receives Supporters Club Unsung Hero Award

Club Photographer David Nelson was presented with the Supporters Club Unsung Hero award at our recent members meeting. He is seen here receiving his award of a unique hand crafted statuette of a photographer from Supporters Club Treasurer Ernie Hamer.

David has given many years of loyal service to the football club, his photos have been nominated for awards and he a well respected part of the Moors extended family.

David is also involved heavily with Ladies Team and becomes the second recipient of this prestigious award after club videographer Chris Rowcroft last season. 👏👏

15 Aug 2023


In light of recent negative social media comments aimed at our Chairman and the Supporters Club in general, we would like to offer the following statement to anyone with an interest in Spennymoor Town FC. 

We are appalled that our Chairman is being targeted by some Spennymoor Town FC Fans as a scapegoat for the well publicised fallout between the Football Club and Supporters Club.

We are appalled that the distribution of leaflets promoting our Supporters Club to STFC Supporters has been dressed up by some as an anti-establishment protest rather than a recruitment drive.

We are appalled that many of those targeting our Chairman have benefitted in the past from the endeavours of our Supporters Club.

We are appalled that events leading up to the banning order imposed on our Chairman are being inaccurately reported and rewritten.

Our chairman remains highly respected within our organisation, was instrumental in keeping the club alive when faced with leadership challenges, guided the club through the Covid period, has overseen and contributed to many fund raising initiatives which have raised £1000’s that have been spent on equipment for the Football Club and community based activities. He gives his time freely and expects no reward. He is 72 years old, he does not deserve the criticism he is receiving.

Our Supporters Club will continue to operate away from the Brewery Field under the guidance of our Chairman. Our Supporters Club is not anti Football Club, everything we do is in support of the Football Club and raises the profile of the Football Club albeit now indirectly. We remain open to work with the Football Club on projects of mutual benefit, however with a prerequisite that the ban placed on our chairman, which we view as unwarranted, is lifted as the email signed by Mr Groves imposing the ban failed to answer any of the reasonable questions put to him about the conduct of then General Manager, now Managing Director, Ian Geldard.

In conclusion we recommend Supporters do not form opinions of our Chairman or our Organisation based on what is posted on Social Media which are often formulated on hearsay and opinion rather than the actual facts. Instead should you require clarity on anything we do please contact us directly either through our website or by emailing

Yours in Sport STFC Supporters Club Executive Committee.

Ross Canning
Just wondering what was said prior to this? I must have missed it on social media.
8 Aug 2023

Lots Going On For First Home Game

We have a full itinerary ahead of the first home game of the season at Spennymoor WMC starting at 12 noon

  • Members Meeting
  • Collection of Members Incentives
  • Domino Handicap £3 entry with £20 added
  • New Members Draw
  • Hot Buffet
  • £2:50 on Draught Beer 🍻
  • Both Home & Away Fans Welcome
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